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The Quarantine Kids

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! (That show was insane).

I hope you’re all having a wonderful quarantine today and your children aren’t turning into psychopaths. We’ve been having quite a few ‘rough patches’ in this house, including lots of whining and crying, temper tantrums when being denied sugar, and cartoon binge-watching so Mama can get a break.

I wanted to share a few things we are doing over here to try and keep two toddlers entertained…

1. Water Table- If you have kids you probably know by now what a water table is. I’ve found them useful for many reasons: they get the kids (and myself) outside, they entertain them for at least 30 mins which is an amazing chunk of time where I can get something done (like scrolling social media!), they have multiple uses besides water play, and it’s something they can do together, usually without much fighting. Listed below are a few more creative options for using the water table:

BEANS: On days when you don’t want them to get wet, buy a big bag of Lima beans and pour it on in! Add some cups and toys and they’re set! (Disclaimer: don’t do this if your child is still in the stage where they put everything in their mouth).

SAND: This is a great idea for the fall/spring where it’s too cold for water play but you’re still spending time outside. Obviously it’s still an option in the summer but having to switch up from sand to water all the time would take some work (I’m exhausted just picturing this in my mind), so if you’re doing sand it might be best to leave it in there for awhile.

BUBBLE/ CLEANING PARTY: Fill the table up with some soap/bubbles and let them have at it! (Use a tear-free soap for little ones). This is a favorite for my 3.5 year old because it’s usually followed by a ‘cleaning party’ (stick the word party at the end of anything and it’s automatically fun). Luckily, my daughter loves cleaning as much as I do so this one is a big hit. Just gather up all the toys that need a good washing and stick them in the water table. Give the kids a washcloth or sponge and watch the glorious sight of your children at work!

2. Snack Trays- Anyone else tired of “Mommmm I’m hungryyyy....” Instead of making meals/snacks all day long, I’ve been putting out a muffin tray and filling each compartment with different food. I leave it on our picnic table and they sit and happily eat together. Something about being outside and having it look fun makes the whole thing so much more exciting. I usually leave it out while they play so they can dig in as they please (and they’re not walking around the living room leaving a trail of crumbs). Some of our favorite snack tray items are: goldfish, lentil chips, snap pea crisps, cucumber rounds, strawberries, blueberries, mandarin oranges, apples, string cheese, raisins, PB puffs, Cheerios, veggie sticks, Pirates booty, graham cookies, and protein balls.

4. Dance Party USA- This one is pretty self explanatory. Dancing gets the blood flowing, along with the giggles, and is something every kid can enjoy. I like to use the Amazon music app on our Smart TV and pick a playlist with some upbeat jams. Sometimes we wear costumes, sometimes we wave around scarves or play toy instruments, and sometimes we have potty accidents on the floor. (It’s kind of hard to spot the ‘potty dance’ while dancing).

5. Art, Art & More Art- I think my 3.5 year old is close to opening her own Etsy shop soon. I’ve seen her graduate from vague squiggly lines to drawing stick figures in a matter of 3 weeks. There’s also been lots of coloring books, card making, painting on canvases, gluing random items to paper, making boxes into houses and robots, chalk art, watercolors, and rock painting. Just give them some supplies and let their little imaginations take hold!

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