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Dealing With Poo

Updated: May 15, 2020

Before we had kids my husband and I did not talk about poop. Like many other couples, it was a taboo subject covered up by Lysol spray and scented candles. Enter BABIES! Well that all changed fast. Poop soon became a daily subject of concern or relief. Did she poop yet? What color was it? What was the consistency? Do you think she’s constipated? Another blow-out?!  Though our daily convos have somewhat normalized ‘poo talk’, I don’t think we'll ever become immune to the smell. Let’s face it- sh*t stinks, so here are 3 ‘must-haves’ to help you out in the odor department: 

  1. Poo-pouri Spray- LOVE this stuff. It’s made from essential oils so no artificial fragrances or aerosol propellants. It comes in a small bottle that’s a great size for your purse or diaper bag. I’ve found this to be handy when changing diapers at friend’s/relatives houses or in public bathrooms. (Or when you have to use it for yourself). It’s also great to spray in the baby’s room after you change a diaper with a lingering smell. 

  2. A Diaper Pail- I used the Diaper Genie with my first child and the Munchkin pail with my second and I’d have to say the Munchkin wins. They both use deodorizer tabs but the Munchkin has a larger one that works better IMO. The refill bags are a little pricey but worth it to contain the smell, and avoid walking outside to the trashcan after every diaper change. (Who has time for that?!)        

  3. Bagging Diapers- The absolute best way to get rid of any poo smell is by bagging each poopy diaper in a biodegradable doggy bag. I found these on Amazon for a great price and will link it below. This will eliminate the smell without adding any more plastics to the equation. If you choose to do the doggy bags, you could even skip the diaper pail all together and put the diapers in your kitchen trashcan, or get a small trashcan for the baby's room. Emptying it frequently is also best for cutting down on the smell.

There you have it folks! Add these to your Mommy (or Daddy) arsenal and you’ll be fully prepared to fight those poopy battles!

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